WELCOME to my website and enjoy browsing through my pages where all featured pictures depict my own dogs!Vom Schweizerhof is a small kennel, located in sunny Southern Florida, created with the love and passion for my dogs and the German Shepherd breed. If you are looking for a German Shepherd that is bred to the same high standards as in Germany, you have found your kennel.

I take great pride in my breeding program and am not willing to compromise quality for profit. Before being bred, all of my females have had their hips and elbows certified, have achieved the highest titles in Schutzhund and have their breed survey. My live breedings all take place in Germany to carefully selected, not always high competing, but proven, stud dogs with the genetics to compliment my females in order to preserve and enhance the breed.

Vom Schweizerhof shepherds are healthy and clear headed. They have strong nerves and an unmatched willingness to work, making them ideal candidates for Schutzhund, SAR, Police and/or detection work or “just” to be that awesome, well-balanced pet. In return, they, as well as I, hope that you make them part of your family and love and care for them like you would forany of your family members.