About Me

What can I say “About Me”? I can tell you that I fell in love with the German Shepherd breed from the moment I was around my first one – which was at the age of 4! I can tell you that I will never love another breed the way I love the German Shepherd! There is something so very perfect about them: their loyalty, devotion, intelligence, desire to please the one(s) they bond with, their beauty; it is difficult for me to put into words what exactly it is I adore about the breed. Perhaps I have just been fortunate to be around exceptional Shepherds (well bred and trained ones) all of my life which now makes me see the world of GSD in rose colored glasses? ? ? ? Whatever it may be; I grew up in the dog sport world in Switzerland and have owned GSD all of my life; though I took a break from owning dogs while attending college and graduate school. In 2006 I purchased “Maya v. Kraftwerk”, or as I like to think of it: It was in 2006 that Maya’s and my paths crossed. The rest is history.

I wholeheartedly believe the making of a great German Shepherd lies in the combination of careful and knowledgeable breeding, knowing what you are looking for when selecting your pup, dedicated raising of your pup and the selection of a skilled trainer/helper when the time comes to train your dog. Knowledgeable breeding is not breeding to a Champion. It is selecting a Sire and a Dam who have top working qualities and have proven to pass their genetics off to their offspring! I take extreme pride in my breedings, investing much money and time in selecting top stud dogs for my girls, hoping to some day see many dogs with my kennel name in regional, national and world events!

My passion definitely lies in the selection of a good stud dog and the raising of the puppies. When they leave me to go to their new families I am able to tell you exactly what kind of a dog you are getting. I stay in touch with my puppy owners not because it is the right thing to do but because I truly care! My dogs are not simply my brood bitches, they are family members. While they all know how to be comfortable in a kennel and can be in a crate for extended periods of time if need be, they spend most of their time in the house with myself and my daughter. I believe in a dog that wants to work for you because they feel a strong bond with you rather than one that knows it has to. A picture tells a thousand words and I hope that the photos on my website give you a better understanding of who I am and how I feel about my dogs and the German Shepherd breed.