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yep, that is me in the flowery dress!

yep, that is me in the flowery dress!

Though I can and do appreciate certain traits of other breeds, it is the German Shepherd that has stolen and captivated my heart many, many years ago! This noble breed has been a part of my life since I was able to walk and I don’t foresee myself ever owning a different dog! Seeing a well bred Shepherd at work never gets old and still gets my adrenaline pumping and my heart pounding!

Genetics is what make up and define a good shepherd! Training, performance and good marketing are merely selling tools. What you see on the field is often not truly what is in a dog’s genetic make up. Innovative training techniques can easily trick people into believing a dog is something other than he really is!

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“The breeding of shepherd dogs, is the breeding of working dogs; and this must always be the aim, or we shall cease to produce shepherd dogs.” cap. Max v. Stephanitz


While I agree with Cap. Stephanitz’s statement, I also believe that in today’s day and age, there is no more excuse why working dog breeders should not be striving to breed correct anatomy in addition to improving the working traits. Von Stephanitz had a limited amount of dogs available to work with and he only touched on the tip of genetic knowledge. Today, I see our job as using v. Stephanitz’s philosophy and knowledge as the building block for a good breeding program. We have SO much more knowledge to work with than v. Stephanitz ever did!

The secret to a strong breeding program lies in its foundation bitches! It takes a couple of years before I know what one of my females brings to the table; in addition, it takes a few litters before I know what she produces. Dogs used in my breeding program are healthy, possess strong nerves and have a clear mind. They have good natural drives and a strong willingness to work for their handler. They have legitimate aggression and heart and they pass these traits on to their offspring.