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Have you purchased a dog from me/through me? It would be much appreciated if you could take a few minutes to write what the process was like for you; I like giving new customers access to references and this is an easy way to do so. With much appreciation,

Daniela :-)

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Shelly Swetnam – Boxer Point Farms

Wellington, FL

I wanted to write a personal to Daniela and her followers about my boy Nico. I feel extremely fortunate to have received a puppy from Daniela. Over the years I have always either rescued or to be truthful, purchased puppies from pet stores or “back yard” breeders. I have never purchased a puppy for a specific working purpose (i.e.: personal protection), which made bloodlines something I was not interested in. I was uneducated when it came to canine breeding, bloodlines, etc. Obviously bloodlines and breeding are irrelevant when you rescue…I do much encourage rescue. I have extremely strong views on breeders, especially US breeders. Daniela is the kind of breeder I wish all breeders were like. She follows my rules for breeding and I am harsh.

My Nico is fantastic and I now have an appreciation for breeding and bloodlines and more importantly, a breeder who knows which lines to breed. Which clearly, Daniela does!

I have never had a puppy so well behaved, smart, affectionate and mindful. From day one he has not done anything bad. When I brought him home I thought “oh crap, what did I get myself into? High energy, large puppy….he is going to tear the house apart.” He has not even chewed a shoe. He has done nothing other than being a perfect gentleman. He does take a shoe or two to his bed at night to sleep with but does not chew them. He is so gentle with my smaller dogs yet can hold his own with the big ones. When I brought Nico home he was thrown into the deep end; I have a “few” dogs I have rescued over the years (13, large and small) and within 15 minutes of his arrival, Nico was subjected to the barking pack….after his initial shock which lasted all of 20 minutes, he began investigating many of my rescues and today, is best buddies with all of them. He co-habitats with horses, a cat, a bird and even chickens. He tolerates everything, even a Chihuahua that tries to attack him from time to time.
Nico will be starting his obedience training in the next few weeks and I am excited to see his progression into a personal protection dog; which is what I purchased him for.

Thank you Daniela!!!


Susie Burgess

Stuart, FL

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of owning two German Shepherd rescues who proved to be incredible companions. However, I had always wanted to raise a German Shepherd puppy. Through my lifelong involvement in horses, I was familiar with the exacting standards the Germans have for breeding horses, and I wanted to find a dog who was the result of the same high standards with respect to temperament, substance, health and conformation.

My veterinarian’s office referred me to Daniela and my interview with her confirmed that she put great research and thought into the bloodlines to produce dogs that are balanced enough to perform in many capacities. It was also crystal clear that she loves the dogs and only wants the best situation for her dogs. She makes sure the new owner and dog are well-matched and that the home environment will be suitable for the dog.

Purchasing my puppy from Daniela could not have been a more positive experience. My husband and I were able to see and interact with Devon weeks before he actually came to our home. She sent daily photos so we could see his development and receiving them gave me the same joy as opening the doors on a Christmas Advent calendar.

Once he was home, he housetrained with virtually no accidents, and he fit right in to life on a small horse farm. He has been very easy to train because he is a quick learner and a very confident individual.

My husband and I absolutely adore him and look forward to many years of his companionship. I would highly recommend Daniela as a breeder because she does all the things that a reputable breeder does– from checking out the future home, to periodically touching base with the new owners after the puppy has arrived, to occasionally buying back her dogs in the event an owner encounters a life crisis that precludes them from keeping the dog. Daniela is the “real deal”–a serious breeder with the best interests of her dogs always in mind.


Nicole Lacy

Chicago, IL

Daniela has become a wonderful part of our family over the years. We have purchased two of her dogs, sisters, and they are truly the most remarkable dogs. Their drive is endless and their ability to move through training has astounded our trainer. They have also become our families youngest additions. Daniela truly has always been there for us, even after we purchased the dogs for any questions I may have concerning training choices or needs for advice. I can not recommend Vom Schweizerhof enough, Daniela truly cares about placing dogs with the right family and building a lifelong relationship.

Lacy feedback


Lake Worth, FL

I was introduced to Daniela through a co-worker of mine, a great friend and fellow police officer. My wife and I lost our 13 year old GSD in January, and to say we were heartbroken, is an understatement. Shane knew how much we loved Miko and what a void not only our home, but our hearts were suffering. Shane contacted Daniela and explained our situation to her. She felt she had the perfect Shepherd for us to welcome into our home. She let us meet ‘Dixie’….to say this wonderful canine is and has been a blessing to us, really does no justice. Dixie’s obedience, temperment, ‘on-off’ switch, personality, loyalty, intelligence and family oriented demeanor, is simply amazing! Daniela has a gift, truly for raising, training and loving the GSD breed. We are so grateful for her and bringing Dixie into our lives. We consider Daniela and all of her dogs lifelong friends. Whether you are looking for the best in a law enforcement K9, a Schutzhund competitor, a personal protection animal, or a loyal family pet, Daniela does it all! She is amazing, you won’t be disappointed. This woman truly and wholeheartedly loves the breed and the outcome with all of her dogs, shows this unconditional love. Thank you Daniela for allowing Dixie into our lives, our hearts and our home. #FureverGrateful

dixi kopf seite

Ellingson Family

Olympia, WA

I was introduced to Daniela through Allenton Family K9. From start to finish Daniela orchestrated the arrival of our newest family member Axel. I can’t begin to put into words the amount of work that she did for our family to make sure that we got exactly what we wanted. She walked us through every step of the process, answering all of our questions and even going out of her way to help us to prepare for our puppy’s arrival. It is obvious that Daniela has a passion and an incredible love for german shepherds and it shows in her dedication not only to her own dogs but also in the care she takes in finding homes for other dogs as well. I would highly recommend VomSchweizerhof kennels to anyone considering purchasing one of these beautiful animals!

Sincerely, with highest regards and thanks,

The Ellingson Family


Daniel Richard

Nashua, NH 
Thank you Daniela for breeding and allowing me the opportunity to acquire the finest GSD I have ever seen in my 30 years of involvement with the Breed. The first time I met you, Maya, and Bella, I knew that as a breeder you understood what it was to own 2 of the nicest GSD on the planet!!! Charlie is the best dog one could hope for. Thank you again!

Best wishes,

Daniel Richard

FB Dog 1

Chris Vaughn and Wendy Bonnel

Orlando, FL

I thought I knew what a good dog and a good breeder was until I visited you and one of your litters in November 2013. WOW is all I can say. Your pups were the best quality I have ever seen, and they were the most confident bunch of little furballs I have ever seen. Not just a few, but the ENTIRE litter. My boyfriend wound up getting one of the pups out of the awesome Maya’s last litter. You truly care about the breed and bettering the breed and you are not all about the money like so many people. Mika (Maya pup) has probably ruined every other puppy for me, I always compare them to her with her extreme drive, stable mind and intelligence. That girl is afraid of absolutely nothing.

We have continued an awesome relationship since we picked up Mika. From helping me to re-home my German Shepherd Schutzhund prospect with nerve issues and helping me deal with the heartache of getting rid of a dog for the first time in my life by explaining it was the best thing for HER; to help with raising and training Mika. We have never had such a “complete” puppy before.

I asked immediately to be put on your next litter list and we talked about the character and qualities I wanted in my next dog. A few months later, you ended up evaluating an 8 month old male, that happens to be Mika’s cousin, and called me to tell me you really thought he was going to be a great match for me. We wound up picking up Vader from you. While I was hesitant about him at first (again all other dogs pale to Mika) , you told me to give him a few weeks to warm up to me and the new home. I have now had him for about 3 months and you couldn’t have found a more perfect fit for me, within 2 weeks I knew he was exactly what I wanted. He has the personality I wanted and he has so much potential for Schutzhund/IPO, I can’t wait to train him and get our first title!!!!!

I will always recommend you to anyone looking for a German Shepherd. Your dogs are the perfect balance of family dog and working dog. They are like potato chips, we can’t have just one. It will be very difficult for us to not get a puppy out of every litter you have from here on out.

So for anyone that may be reading this while searching for a new family member you can not go wrong with getting a dog from Daniela.

Janis Skeath

Ocala, FL

I met Daniela about 6 years ago by chance. She introduced me to her dogs, and to her friends from Germany that help to train and title her females. Maya just had Bella, she was about 6 weeks old. It was very evident to me, on that first meeting, that she had a true passion for the GSD, and that we shared many of the same beliefs on how dogs should be raised. I asked her if she was going to breed Maya again, and luckily for me, she was planning on doing so in the near future. I wanted to do Schutzhund with my new dog, and because of Daniela’s commitment to the breed, and the ethics she voiced about her breeding program, I knew I would be getting a genetically sound dog. It was a rainy day when CJ was born. Daniela and I were on the phone all day….a boy, another boy, a girl!!! So excited!!! I met the pups at 4 weeks, then a couple of times after that. I loved them all, but could only have one! CJ came home with me at 9 weeks. He has been a blast to have around!! He is always ready and willing to be with me, and his temperament is solid, nothing phases him! He has had no health problems. I trusted Daniela, and her breeding, and most importantly, I trusted CJ. Daniela always speaks honestly, and she has taught me so much about raising a confident, well mannered GSD. It’s very important to Daniela that her pups get the best forever homes possible, and her ethics with her breeding program are uncompromising. CJ is now 4 years old, and he’s my best friend. Together,CJ and I do Schutzhund . To date, CJ has competed in multiple Club and Regional competitions, 3 National level competitions, and this year qualified as a member of the USA World Championship Schutzhund Team. CJ lives in the house, with my other male GSD, and he’s as comfortable working as he is just being a dog. I’ll be getting another pup from Daniela when the time is right.

CJ & Janis

Shana & Mark Martin

Fayetteville, AR

We met Daniela a little over 5 years ago when we were looking for a GSD for our son who was suffering from PTSD after returning from the Iraqi war. Tebow was 4 1/2 mos old when we purchased him from Daniela. The first time I saw him all I could say was, “whoa” because of the confidence he displayed. He is still the most confident dog (GSD or other breeds) I have ever seen or met, including a few police dogs. I promised Daniela that if for any reason our son couldn’t care for Tebow, that we would take him into our home. When our son’s job situation changed, Tebow permanently became part of our family (along with our female GSD and our female GSD/mix) when he was about 19 mos old. Tebow helped him tremendously in his recovery from PTSD.

Tebow is truly an exceptional GSD and exhibits all the traits that this breed was originally bred for. Tebow is the total package, period!! He has the best temperament along with nerves of steel!! His drives are outstanding. He is the most alert dog I have ever seen and his protective instincts are off the charts!! He took down a great dane that attempted to jump up on me–he came running, leaped through the air, and took the great dane down, pinned her (no biting or trying to hurt her), until I called him off–all before he was 2 years old. The owner of the great dane was not even upset–she was in awe and so impressed with Tebow’s actions of protecting me!! He watches over and protects all of us; if another dog gets after or picks on one of our females, he jumps right in and takes control of the situation. Tebow has never backed down from any situation with any dog or human (unless commanded to). He truly has nerves of steel, yet can also be the biggest snuggle bunny. He always wants to be close by–he will sleep with his head in your lap or will lay it on your foot. He loves, loves to play frisbee, yet he is content to lay at your feet and chew on a bone. He is a perfect gentleman while at the vet’s office; they love him and comment on how laid back he is and how easy he is to work with.

The kennel we board our dogs at is a private facility owned and operated by alpaca farmers. The small kennel was built onto their house. Last year while boarding there, Tebow woke up the owner with a controlled, deliberate, and deep bark (her words). When she went to investigate, she found another boarder, a Doberman, was at the tail end of a seizure!! Tebow stopped barking as soon as she arrived and the seizure was over–she was able to calm the Doberman down and move him to another kennel as he had gotten sick in his. Time and time again, this dog has amazed and impressed us. One night while watching TV, he alerted us to our older dog who was about to throw up–a good 90 seconds before she started heaving so we could get her outside!!

We have complete confidence in Tebow and his abilities. His alertness and protective instincts are so outstanding that we did not feel the need to activate the home security system installed by the builder. I feel completely safe at home with Tebow when my husband is away on business. I am 100% positive that Tebow would risk his life to protect me and/or my husband! Tebow has truly captivated my heart and I would do anything for this dog! He is loved beyond words!

I also volunteer for a GSD rescue. There is a huge difference in a well-bred GSD and a back-yard bred GSD or one claiming to be “well-bred.” It is important to know what the GSD traits are and to know which breeders are trying to preserve them. The good breeders will only breed to improve the breed. These good breeders, unfortunately, are few and far between. Daniela is one of these good breeders. She knows and understands the breed, the traits, and qualities. I trust Daniela completely. I have referred her to other folks who have gotten their GSD pups from her. While Tebow is extremely healthy and I expect him to be with us for many more years, I know the time will come when he will pass on and we will have to get another one. We already feel that Tebow is irreplaceable but when that time comes, we will get the next one from Daniela, also. After seeing so many of the poorly bred GSD’s, I pray that good breeders like Daniela will continue the ethical breeding practices to preserve and better this excellent breed that we all love and cherish.


Chris Gary

Los Angeles, CA
Daniela is a rare find. My wife and I were lucky to be introduced to her through a mutual friend. When we first made contact, Daniela was ironically doing exactly what you’d hope your breeder to be doing — she was in Europe looking at potential stud dogs and puppies!! Sure enough, after weeks of bouncing around looking for our “perfect” dog, Daniela reached out and said “I found a special dog, he’s exactly what you’re looking for.” Daniela was correct, Tuck was indeed exactly what we were looking for and in the time since our first interaction, Daniela has evolved from a breeder, to a true friend. I look forward to working with her again on our next addition to our family! Below is a picture of our puppy “Rigby” that Daniela helped us acquire from a breeder she knew.


Ken Simsic

Tampa, Fl
I presently own “Oskar” a 17 mo.old male out of Bella Vom Schweizerhof, who is in training for his IPO titles.
Ivan Balabanov, World Class Trainer and Top Competitor, has stated on numerous occasions that “Oski” is exceptional, both mentally and physically.
This being so, it is in LARGE part due to the astute breeding acumen of Daniela Graf of Vom Schweizerhof Kennel.
A quality breeding program run by a quality person/breeder.