Maya Vom Kraftwerk


DOB: 3-12-2006

ScH1 93/88/97 278
ScH2 95/100/96 291
ScH3 100/100/97 297
IP03 98/95/99 292
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Females like Maya are rare; she is the whole package: can compete at the highest level, and does so happily (11th & 14th place out of more than 100 IPO3 dogs at BSP), and  is relaxed at home. Maya has super nerves and an impeccable character! She is always ready and happy to work giving 100%! During obedience, Maya demonstrates an excellent relationship with her handler with quick and reliable responses to the commands. In tracking, she consistently scores in the V category. During protection, she is intense in the hold and bark, demonstrates full, hard grips, and is always under control.

Maya is rated excellent in both show and working competitions.

I am honored and feel blessed to have Maya in my life for she is truly exceptional!

May ’09: 33rd Schleswiger Pokal

Maya is VICE-UNIVERSALSIEGER, winning the SchH trial with an amazing score of 100/96/96 =290V!

*this event takes place over 2 days and consists of a SchH trial as well as a showring competition. Maya won the SchH trial but had to compete against 55 other females in the showring (most of them very nice showline dogs.) She placed 14th (what a beauty!!!) and the combined score earned her the Vice-Universalsieger title.

June ’09: LG Pokal (LG 01>

Maya places 5th and gets High in Obedience

August ’09 LGA (LG 01)

Maya is Landessieger (WINS the Regionals) and qualifies for the BSP (German Nationals)

October ’09: BSP in Donaueschingen

At 3, she is the youngest dog present and places 11th out of 125 of Germany’s top Schutzhund dogs!!!

Maya’s Handler during ALL of these events was Nicole Meyer. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards both her and her husband for training Maya all the way to the top without ever compromising the well-being of this exceptional female! They were the perfect–and equally talented–Handler, Trainer, and Dog team!

2012 proves to be the repeat year of 2009 for Maya

The then 13 year old daughter of Nicole Meyer, who handled Maya in all events in 2009, participates in the German Youth Nationals with Maya and places 3rd. That result qualifies her for the BSP in Bayreuth where she ends up placing 14th!