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“Olga” is a 3year old spayed female out of my late Bella vom Schweizerhof x Igor zum Juergenshof (both IPO3). She was sold at 5months of age and lived with same owner for 2 1/2years before he decided she was not the right dog for him.
Olga is high energy, high drive but has not yet learned to channel all that into focus; from what we are gathering, Olga was left to herself and has therefore acquired a few bad habits; for example she likes to chase cars and is not good (yet) with other dogs. When I had her as a puppy, up to 5months, she was great with all of my dogs; lived free in the house with 3 other females.
Olga was tested on and with a tug and a bite wedge; she bit full and hard, kept her grip calm and did not growl… the potential is there….
I believe that the best home for Olga would be one with someone experienced in training GSD’s. Someone who is going to devote the necessary time to her to help her understand how to act in this world and how to react to it – someone who is willing to rehab her.
If you believe you are this home for Olga, please contact me.


DOB: 25th January, '13

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